David A Hicks Wedding Photography

My favourite photography quote is from Imogen Cunningham who was a renowned American photographer. She said:

"Which of my photographs is my favourite? - The one I'm going to take tomorrow"

How true is this and it's how all photographers feel, especially me. If I take a great shot, it makes me want to take another great shot, just better. I'm very self critical and know that I can always do better. I always look forward to my next wedding so that I can get more great photographs and make them better than all the others. 

Liverpool Racquet Club Wedding

The photographs

Thinking about the above quote and just how true it really is, the photographs that I'm most excited about are the ones that I haven't taken yet. I improve with each and every wedding I capture, and I always strive to make each one better than the last.

So if you are here because you are getting married and are considering a photographer and trying to decide, don't think that my portfolio is typically what you are going to get. You won't......they will be better than these.  

Liverpool Racquet Club Wedding

What do I do?

I always offer a full days coverage without any limits on time. I will start when you need me to and finish when you ask me to. There is no need to clock watch on your wedding day and worry if you are over the time limit or going to be charged more for extra hours. 

Weddings are fun, they are not supposed to be serious boring affairs, they are for people to enjoy and for you to create special memories, and it's my job to capture those memories for you to treasure. Posing with your guests in an orchestrated manner is not natural and to me, that's not what a wedding is about. I capture the story of the day in a fun, documentary fashion with an emphasis on emotion and humour.

I am a contemporary wedding photographer that tells a story of the day, with a mixture of candid documentary images combined with modern, creative, fashion photographs. 75% of my photography is reportage, photojournalistic, but this has to be mixed with some modern editorial style photo's of the couple, family, friends and guests. 

Wedding Bridal Portrait

What do you get?

I supply the final individually edited images to my clients on a presentation USB within 3 weeks of the wedding. The photographs are also made available on a password protected page of this website so they can be shared with friends and family as soon as they are ready.

I also edit some selected photographs during a time out whilst you are all eating, and load them onto a Tablet that can be passed around the guests during the wedding breakfast and reception